A Day in the Life- A Homeschool Day While Mom Works

If you’re questioning how homeschool works on a day to day basis for a full-time working mother, here is a glimpse into a day in my life. I’m very fortunate that Jack’s education isn’t burdened all on me and Dad (and Nana) does some of the school work too.


5:45 a.m. alarm goes off.

6:30 a.m.- I have finished dressing and am fixing breakfast 6:45- Our little guy is awake and wants snuggles, I read him his devotional. I love this time and am adamant that I never say no to snuggles..one day he’ll be too big for me.

7:15 a.m.-5:45 p.m. I’m at work. On my lunch break, I may look for projects for us to do on the weekend (if they’re large) or little exercises to do for Dad/Nana during the week while I work.

6:30 p.m. I’m home and get the run down on our homeschool accomplishments for the day. We’ve watched Latin, journaled, and done our own science experiment. I work on reading, math, and spelling. Because Jack works quickly we are usually done within an hour. Sometimes, it takes longer if he isn’t in a school type mood and at that time we may break and focus more the next day. I would also like to say that the bulk of his education is very child led. (Notice the science experiment, this is usually started by him and monitored by us). He also requests us to read science books to him. This all happened while I was at work but he constantly leads the way for us to teach him. We follow along with some workbooks but he blows past most pre-packaged curriculum quickly. So, I encourage the rabbit holes so he can deeply learn about things he likes.

9:00- We are watching Magic School Bus (did I mention he was very interested in Science, LOL).

10:00- We are asleep.

This is a small glimpse into a bigger picture of a foundation I lay for him day to day. I strongly encourage him to take control of his own education. We love the rabbit holes, we play games and go outside. This is the biggest part and it happens it seems when we least expect it to happen.





Grandparents and Homeschool- A Special Post by Nana

My first experience with homeschooling was with my second oldest Grandson Jacob. He felt he wanted to try homeschooling in 6th grade and his parents agreed. Jacob’s first year of homeschool saw him flourish and he tested better at the end of the year than he had during his public school days.

Then my youngest decided to homeschool and she knew that I was on board. Because I can keep my grandson a day or two through the week, I have a unique opportunity to enrich his life.

Here are some ways I make our special time together count toward homeschooling while my daughter is working:

  1. We cook together and we make up our own special recipes. I sneak in his math lessons by measuring ingredients out or halving a recipe we may find online. Cooking with Grandma is a time-honored and special tradition.
  2. My grandson loves dinosaurs. We pretend we are on a dig in the backyard. We learn about bones, dirt, and rocks.
  3. We pretend we are in a castle or we design a castle or a city. We learn about what a city needs (doctor’s, banks, malls, police). We use our imaginations and learn all about the inner workings of what we build.
  4. We play 20 questions and learn about what it was like when Nana was young. We talk about decades and pretend to be real war heroes like George Washington.

Grandparents have an exceptional opportunity to bring experience to the learning experience and make special connections with their grandchildren during the day while the parents are working. I encourage other grandparents to get involved and give mom the day off (or take care of the kids while she works).