To the Worn Out Mom

A real life worn out Mom

To the tired and worn out mother:

Superwoman doesn’t exist but if she did she would look like you, tired and worn out mom. An average day for Superwoman looks like this: She’s a woman who wakes up before her children, gets dressed for work. She’ll wake the kids and get them ready for the day. She’ll face the battle of what pants to wear and why aren’t your shoes on? She’ll swear she needs another cup of coffee after her morning round of child wrangling. She’ll drop everyone off on time and arrive to work early. But she doesn’t get a breather, work starts the minute you walk in. All her customers or patients need all the things all the day and lunch was eaten in a rush. She’ll orchestrate a pickup for her dearly beloved children. She may even be the picker upper. Either way, when she and her children unite for the night exhaustion will have started creeping in for all. There are tears of “we don’t want that chicken for dinner”, fights of bath time, “but I swear I washed my hair!” and bed time wrangling. Or she may just be so exhausted that she falls asleep on the coutch and her kid falls asleep on top of her ☺ (example seen in above picture). The day will have left her with no more fight and at least five times where she thought she was failing at being a mom, wife, or employee. Just know tired and worn out mom that you are not alone. This battle we fight every day is only for the strong and that’s what you are. Keep climbing those mountains and go ahead and grab the extra coffee.