Homeschool Calling

When we first had our son Jack, we didn’t anticipate homeschooling him. I had no doubts that public school was in our future.

My stepson was actually in the biggest school in our area and at the time I had no major complaints with the school system. In retrospect, there were some alarming behaviors from the school and from him, we should have listened to more closely. But, I thought sending a child to the most diverse population with the most resources would benefit the child. That’s not exactly what happened. We naively thought it would get better and it didn’t. As we had more issues pop up going into high school and beyond (he’s 14 years older than Jack) we started to realize, this isn’t just happening to him but to several kids. Our wheels started turning so to speak and it was compounded with one school crisis after another.

While we were dealing with his school crises, Jack was hitting milestones earlier and earlier. I became concerned that school would bore him and we put off enrolling him in pre-school, though just a few years before I was a big advocate of giving kids a head start. After a particularly rough year in the public school for the oldest, I looked at my husband and said to him that Jack at the very would need to be in a small public school. He agreed and I started asking around for a public school I thought would fit his needs. I began to pray that God would show me the way for Jack’s education. Public School, Private, or Homeschool. I had my answer in a week. I wish I could tell you the exact epiphany but it was more of a mulling over and a few conversations with different friends about their experiences with homeschool, public, and private. I went home one day from work that week and I told my husband we have to homeschool him and I think I can do it. He said he felt the same and we began our adventure. I know God answered my prayer because my husband and I had the same idea on the same day as to what direction we would go, I sometimes still ask for guidance. I question if I’m a good mom or if I’m letting my son down somewhere but God always answers me and sustains me in this direction.

If you are looking for a direction in which to educate your child I strongly recommend lots of prayer.



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