Can you work and homeschool? YES!


Have you wanted to homeschool but thought you couldn’t because you work full-time? As a product of public school myself I worried and worried that I wouldn’t be able to get enough time in to teach my son. But, I felt and still do feel that public school isn’t for him. Here are some tips for you if you are in a situation like me, where you have to work full-time and you KNOW that public school isn’t for your child.

  1. Look for resources and blogs that will make your life easier: I Homeschool Network, Gifted Homeschoolers, there are so many homeschool blogs (just like this one) with tips and tricks, articles that help.
  2. A pre-packaged curriculum is a life saver in a pinch. At first, we used pre-packaged curriculum much more than we do now. It was easy for me to see what level he should be on and I had a goal to meet. At this point in time, I’m much freer with our school days and I do not always use the workbooks. I substitute history some days with School House Rock or math with a cooking lesson or a game. That being said, I still do buy a few pre-packaged workbooks and I still monitor his progress against them.
  3. Call in reinforcements. I work 5 full days a week and how I manage it all is help. Jack’s grandparents watch him 3 days a week (since dad works three long days). Because I buy pre-packaged curriculum it makes it easier for them to pick up his math book and work with him on it, it also saves me some time when I get home. There is no shame in asking for help. All of these people love and care for Jack and are on the same page with me, he should be homeschooled. If you don’t have any family nearby look for co-ops or work opposite shifts of your spouse.
  4. Know what is important. What I mean by this: Public School and Homeschool look very different. It was hard for me at first to wrap my head around it, shouldn’t we do Math for 45 minutes every day? Well, for us no. We work on it a little every day and we master it in our own time but 45 minutes is too much for Jack. I try to stay under 30 and he is still a grade above. Let your pre-conceived notions of what Public School was and hang on for a very fun ride!

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