So you decided to Homeschooled, now what?

Once you decide to homeschool then you have to decide what curriculum to use. The options seem endless.

now-what-blog-post At first we bought a full packaged curriculum. While there were some great things about it and we still use parts of it.. We have progressed over the last two years to mixing up our educational resources and curriculum. We now use games, the library, and car rides to teach on the spot. Our old curriculum was entirely worksheet based. Our little guy began to hate that! So we started to focus on what he loves most. Hands on learning. For as much as we can. And, we began to mix up our curriculum with science kits, library books, documentaries, etc.

Just remember that like in all things in life; the key for success is flexibility. When a curriculum stops working you can always change. Just stay flexible and look for teachable moments everywhere.


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